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Annabelle von Sperber, Designer and Illustrator (M.A)

Annabelle has produced illustrations for publishing houses as well
as logo and packaging design and campaigns for commercial use.
Her clients range from prestigious publishers, well-known agencies
to the pharmaceutical industry and the public domain.
As varied as Annabelle’s illustrations are, her use of exuberant colours,
fine humour and her attention to detail convey a sense of happiness and joy of life.
Annabelles teaches illustration at the Academy for Illustration and Design Berlin (AID-Berlin).

MA Master of Arts: Fine Art, Book Art
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg)
Full CV on request
Prestel Verlag, Carlsen Verlag, Sauerländer Verlag, Magellan Verlag, Baumhaus Verlag, Coppenrath Verlag,
Fischer Schatzinsel, Bertelsmann Verlag, Ravensburger Verlag, Ueberreuter Verlag Wien, Boje Verlag, Kerle Verlag, Loewe Verlag, Arena Verlag

Deutsche Bahn, Dasa Airbus, Telecom, BKK, Allianz, Weltbild, EON, Gaia, Ely Lilli, Vincent Film, Jugendkulturservice Berlin,
Wok Berlin, hickl vesting Puplic Relations Berlin-München, Charity Gums



art books . children’s books . young adult


Where’s the artist ? is a masterpiece of research and illustration, a museum that fits into book shelves of any kind. Anna Morlinghaus, Krumulus Buchhandlung 

Full of “Look & Find activities”, Where’s the artist? offers a playful introduction to the arts. Eselsohr, Kinder- und Jugendbulletin

Where’s the Artist? From Cave Paintings to Modern Art:
This one-of-a-kind look-and-find book explores art through the times, highlighting the most prominent styles and artists of each era, from early cave painters to Egyptian hieroglyph carvers to members of a Bauhaus art school. The main event is the art itself, in which von Sperber cobbles together characters and details from famous works from such artists as Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Warhol, and more.  Meghan Oppelt – Booklist Chicago



*** Some selected Fine art prints of Annabelle von Sperber can be bought here:  fineartprintfactory***
art books . children’s books . young adult

Theo, the cat really wants to have some peace and quiet, read a good book or doze off. Lotti however, she’s wide awake. She’s curious and wants to find out about everything right away right now. – In the end , it’s her who’s fast asleep while Theo’s got his eyes wide open. Sounds familiar? Kathrin Köller, Eselsohr




art books . children’s books . young adult


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packaging design . logos . editorial . agency . cards

***Charity Gums designed by Annabelle von Sperber can be bought here   Charity Gums ***



packaging design . logos . editorial . agency . cards



packaging design . logos . editorial . agency . cards


packaging design . logos . editorial . agency . cards

packaging design . logos . editorial . agency . cards




Teaching professional. Broad range of subjects including illustration, book & magazine illustration, cover art, logo & character design, colour design, composition and associative illustration.

Book illustration
Students are asked to develop their own story, a storyboard and three doublespreads of the book. Students thus learn developing their own individual style, creating suspense and an understanding of the interaction between text and illustration.


Associative illustration
Using this method students play and experiment to become open-minded and develop their own style.


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Email: post@annabellevonsperber.de

Mobile: +4917630485255


Annabelle von Sperber
Diplom Designerin Illustratorin

Gethsemanestrasse 4
10437 Berlin
mobil 0176.30485255
fest 030.21464505


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– Germany – Guest of honour at the 2016 Bologna International Children’s Book Fair
20 Appletrees – 20 Artists Representing Germany

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